My plugin is putting product in draft - after update to version 8.2.1

This is done automatically by woocomerce (This variable product has no active variations so cannot be published. Changing status to draft.) - you can find the message in one of their files.

It is what it's saying: in case there is a variable product it must have at least 1 variation, otherwise you cannot sell it.

First, please, install this plugin version (from the bellow archive - latest from our development server, not yet released on envato):

Then make sure you are not in any of this 2 situations:

Amazon config/ Import Setup tab/ "Variation" setting setted to "no", but you want import variable products:

Insane Import NEW module/ Number of variations is "0", but you also want to import variable products:

Also the On-Site Cart option from the Amazon config module/ Plugin Setup tab, will determin the product_type ( if On-Site Cart is "no" then product type will be external; if On-Site Cart is "yes" then product type will be simple or variable if it has at least one variation child associated ).

Verify also the the default status you want for every imported product ( Amazon config module/ Import setup tab ):

Now bulk change the status from draft to publish for all the product you think are valid:


Select the products, then as Bulk action choose "Edit" and then click Apply button 


Then here choose the Status as "Published":

Go now to the Amazon config module and click Save the Settings button and don't close the windows, let it run till the bellow message appears (Options updated...) - it may take a while if you have many products, because it updates the product type according to the On-Site value:




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