Bug Fixes tab explained

1. Clean duplicate attributes – If you have duplicated attributes for some reason, this button will clean the duplicated ones and leave just one version of them. 
2. Clean duplicate category slug – Same as above but for category slugs. 
3. Delete zero priced products – If you have impored products that doesn’t have a price in the Amazon API then you can delete all of them using that button. 
4. Clean orphaned AMZ meta – If you have deleted a product but the meta was kept in the DB you can clean them up using this button. 
5. Clean orphaned Amz Products Assets – Same as above but for images. 
6. Fix Product Attributes (woocommerce 2.4 update) – After the 2.4 update of WooCommerce, there was an issue with the attributes. This button fixes that issue. 
7. Fix Request Amazon Issue – If you set the Put amazon products in trash when syncing after to Never and save the settings. That way the product will never be moved to trash but the price will still sync as long as that product is available on Amazon.

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