I get API keys 429, 503 request throttle error

If you get the 429, 503 error, here's the possible reason according to Amazon official response:

Effective 16-Jan-2019, the request limit for each account is calculated based on revenue performance attributed to calls to the Product Advertising API (PA API) during the last 30 days.

Each account used to PA API is allowed an initial usage limit of 8640 requests per day (TPD). Your account will receive an additional 1 TPD for every 5 cents ($.05 USD equivalent) of revenue generated via the use of PA API for shipments in the last 30 days.

Note that your account will lose access to PA API if it has not generated referring sales using PA API in the last 30 days.

You can verify that your sales are being attributed to your calls to PA API by checking for the following:

• You are using the links provided by PA API when linking back to Amazon.

• Your Associate account and PA API account were created using the same Amazon account (i.e. email address).

• You are using your primary account to make requests to PA API.

• You are passing your Associate tag in all your requests to PA API.

You can check to see sales that have been attributed to PA API through generating a Link Type Performance report through the Associates Central reports tool.

If you are trying to submit requests that exceed the maximum request for your account (TPD limit), or if your access has been revoked you will receive a 503 error message from Product Advertising API.

If you lose access to PA API, please see our other product linking tools, such as Site Stripe. You will regain access to PA API once your account again begins to drive referring sales.

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